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Toro servicing reminderLely UK's Toro after-sales service team - service and training manager Ian Sumpter and parts manager Phil Bowen - urge machinery operators to book up their annual winter servicing today and use only Toro genuine parts to ensure the smooth operation of their fleet this winter.

With the snow and ice making an early appearance, Toro turf maintenance machinery distributor Lely UK is urging customers not to leave it too late to address their winter servicing and maintenance needs this year.

The UK is facing yet another bitterly cold winter, following weather forecasters' predictions that the freezing conditions that blighted us last year are set to return. And with last winter the coldest for 31 years - with an average temperature of just 1.5 degrees centigrade - Toro says that turf professionals who fail to prepare their machinery fleets for these challenging conditions do so at their peril.

"Our network of Toro dealers and service centres is getting very busy with winter servicing bookings already," service and training manager Ian Sumpter warns. "Hence we're urging customers to get ahead of the game by booking their annual check-up today - it will pay dividends when your Toro fleet is being pushed hard during these difficult conditions. Keeping surfaces in play and/or adequately maintained throughout winter is tough enough, but good maintenance will ensure your machines are functioning to their full capabilities whatever the weather."

As ever, the advice from Lely is to seek servicing only from Landbased Technician Accreditation (LTA) Toro-trained technicians - be they your local Toro dealer or service centre, or an in-house team of Toro-trained mechanics - where you can be confident machines will be serviced to a high standard and in accordance with your warranty. What's more, you can be sure your machines will be fitted only with Toro genuine parts - something parts manager Phil Bowen says is vital to the longevity and security of your Toro investment.

"This is vital to preserving the performance and healthy function of your fleet, so don't be tempted to settle for a spurious part to save a few pennies," Phil warns. "Most fail to meet the standards of Toro genuine parts for form, fit and function, so you'll probably just have to replace them early and often. Using non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) service parts could even damage your equipment or invalidate your warranty, which will hit you far harder in the pocket."

As a further incentive, Toro also offers a 90-day warranty on genuine parts, including labour, when your Toro dealer/service centre fits them. So what are you waiting for?! Book your annual service today and keep your fleet in tip-top condition during the icy cold conditions this winter!

For more information on Lely UK's Toro servicing and parts services, call 01480 226845 or email toro.parts.uk@lely.com.

Toro Commercial turf maintenance products are distributed throughout mainland UK by Lely UK Limited, 1 Station Road, St Neots PE19 1QH. Call 01480 226800, email toro.info.uk@lely.com or visit www.toro.com/www.lely.com for further details.

Photo caption: Lely's Toro servicing gurus - service and training manager Ian Sumpter, right, and parts manager Phil Bowen - are urging customers to book their winter check-up sooner rather than later.

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