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ATV TrailerAnyone with an ATV is more than likely going to need a trailer to suit the purpose. A road-going trailed, a tipper, a high sided or stock trailer will probably top the list. The Wessex ATV range of equipment offers all these with various options to suit your needs. Working in demanding or remote locations, for example, an ATV may be the only vehicle to use, but the problem is, getting it to the job.

A Wessex RT 740 road legal trailer offers two solutions in one. The heavy duty tailgate doubles as a ramp and you use the trailer to transport the ATV, then attach the trailer to it when you get there and away you go for off-road use. There's a hard top conversion as well for moving livestock.

If you're moving stock around on your own land the Wessex ST160 stock trailer is versatile for carrying sheep and calves, with a heavy-duty ramp tailgate which incorporates a full height door for ease of entry and exit. A removable mesh dividing gate is useful for handling ewes and lambs and the high sides fold or remove for access to livestock for inoculations.

The Wessex high sided TR900 ATV trailer is ideal on the farm for hauling livestock, animal feed or fencing materials. It's equally at home on the golf course for transporting tools, equipment and materials, or for multi-purpose use on the private estate.

When you need to tip, the TT430/TT900 trailers offer a high tipping profile for complete emptying of the trailer, with a spring assisted tip making the process effortless. The 900mm high sided option gives you greater load-carrying capacity, for carrying bales, green waste and other bulky materials.

Wessex off-road trailers feature durable galvanized construction throughout, with swivelling ball hitches for safety and bolt-on stub axles, so no bent axle headaches. Balloon tyres complete the practical advantages for off-road use. Broadwood International 01420 478111 www.broadwoodintl.co.uk

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