A trio of GreenMech chippers provide the horsepower for Powerline Services

Louise Challissin Machinery & Mechanics

Running GreenMech woodchippers since 1999, Powerline Services MLJ Ltd and Director Ben Jones have recently taken delivery of their latest additions, two ArbTrak 150's.

A loyal customer to the tracked units since GreenMech launched their first model in 2003, the new machines on their fleet effortlessly traverse all terrains reducing transport time and increasing productivity.

Herefordshire based Powerline Services offer safe, effective and efficient removal of trees and vegetation from powerlines - serving as a sub-contractor on the Scottish and Southern Energy, National Grid and Western Power contracts. "Our woodchippers are our core piece of machinery" explains Ben, "and for the majority of sites we're operating on, the work calls for a tracked chipper. We've always had tracked units from GreenMech but as requirements and the type of materials we're handling change, we're constantly reviewing that our fleet is fit for purpose." So impressed with the Arborist 150 road-tow chipper already on the fleet, the delivery of the two ArbTrak 150's from Tallis Amos at the end of 2018 came without the need for a demonstration.

"The ArbTrak 150's are a perfect size to handle the brashy material that makes up a large percentage of our projects. We can quickly and conveniently track them to the area of work meaning no time is spent transporting material to the chipper, therefore improving efficiency for my teams." The highly manoeuvrable tracked chassis of the ArbTrak 150 provides high ground clearance of 274mm and a tracking speed of 3kph. Fitted with a 34hp diesel engine, it is a popular choice with contractors and those maintaining difficult terrain, requiring maximum traction and minimal ground pressure.

Not only are Ben and his teams on the road hugely impressed with the quality and performance of the woodchippers, they're also reassured by the after-sales service. "We've had experiences with other manufacturers in the past where they offered us a good deal, but the support we received after we'd taken delivery was very poor. In my opinion the back-up support from GreenMech is unbeatable, and when you've got contracts to deliver on, that's invaluable."