A workhorse with extra for autumn

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As the main playing season comes to an end and maintenance plans and renovation works are put into place, your fleet needs to be ready to pull its weight as conditions and work gets tough. This is when TYM's T393 tractor really deserves its shed status.

At the bare minimum, you will be repairing the turf from the stress of summer and a lot of play and preparing it for the tough winter conditions ahead. There will be aeration programmes, hollow coring, scarifying, topdressing, vertidraining, spiking and perhaps construction work, drainage installations and building tees and bunkers, too. And while all this is going on, the weather can be wet and the last thing you want to do is damage the turf as you move equipment and heavy loads across it.

This is what makes the T393 the perfect compact workhorse for this time of year. It's strong and capable, but light and nimble to ensure it doesn't create more clear up work by being out and about over the course.

Its 39hp Yanmar engine has two transmission options of either 12x12 speed manual with dash mounted shuttle lever or a three range HST transmission. It has one of the highest lift capabilities in its class at 1200kg and one of the highest hydraulic flow rates with a maximum output of 42 litres per minute, making it suitable for use with a wide range of hydraulically driven attachments.

The T393 works perfectly with a range of attachments, such as the efficient AgriMetal Tuff Vac collector pictured here

When it comes to attachments, TYM's UK distributor Reesink has customers covered with an extensive range that adds to the versatility and productivity of the T393. AgriMetal's efficient, well-engineered and reliable blowers and collectors, SICMA, a range of rear-mounted tractor attachments including finishing mowers, flail mowers, wide area mowers and rotary tillers, and 1st Products, a specialist range of tractor mounted aeration equipment can all be sourced through Reesink, along with the TYM T393.

Steven Haynes, tractor sales manager at UK distributor Reesink Turfcare, says: "The T393 tractor is the ideal choice for those who don't need a larger framed mid-duty model but need the most amount of power, productivity, versatility and efficiency in a compact package. Its ability to turn its hand to the small and big jobs with ease makes it a justifiably popular choice with our customers in the golf, fine turf sports, landscaping and contractor fields."

"But it's not just that, as a distributor we've thought in great detail about a range of attachments to cover the wide and varied requirements of a tractor and are proud of the brands we represent here in the UK. It presents a comprehensive and quality offering for our customers to see them through all the seasons."

To find out more about TYM, the tractor attachments and finance available from Reesink call 01480 226800, email info@reesinkturfcare.co.uk, or visit reesinkturfcare.co.uk.

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