Abundant Oxygen boosts beneficial microbes

Carol Duttonin Industry News

Oxy-Rush.pngAgronomic Services launches Oxy-Rush, a revolutionary soil stimulant that provides an abundance of oxygen, accelerating the activity of beneficial microbes in the soil

By greatly increasing the parts per million (PPM) of oxygen in a non hazardous, liquid form, Oxy-Rush acts as a catalyst, stimulating aerobic bacteria which helps reduce Black Layer, Algae and Anaerobic conditions. An effective thatch and compaction reducer, Oxy-Rush, by increasing the soil O2 levels and therefore the population of beneficial microbes, improves soil structure, rooting and nutrient availability.

Trials on a number of golf courses and sports pitches this year in the UK and Holland have seen excellent results with this unique product. Oxy-Rush, which greatly enhances all aeration practises can be sprayed onto turf or soil three to four times per year during the growing season. Applied either on its own or tank mixed with other compatible liquids designed to work in the top four inches of soil, Oxy-Rush is suitable for use in all sports turf growing situations.

For further information contact Agronomic Services on Tel: 077990 36996 or visit their website at: www.agronomics.co.uk

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