Add mowing to your TYM tractor’s to-do list

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With TYM's subcompact T194 and TS25 customers can expand their tractors' to-do list to include mowing.

TYM's T194 has the functionality of a ride-on mower with the additional features of tractor.

Both models are truly versatile additions to maintaining and caring for the grounds of private estates and large gardens. They tackle all the small and mid-duty tasks around the garden, orchard, paddock, woods and fields with ease and, in the T194, deliver a quality cut to lawns too.

A dependable 19hp engine in the innovative T194 has generated acclaim in the market since its launch last year because it brings customers the functionality of a ride-on mower with the additional features of tractor.

Equipped with a 54-inch mid-mounted deck as standard, mowing height can be adjusted from the seat via the onboard height-of-cut lever which is easy to use and intuitive to set. Its tractor credentials excel on the category one three-point linkage and 540 rpm rear PTO which allows for many rear-mounted attachments to be fitted.

The TS25 meanwhile brings more power, upping the ante from 19hp to 25hp, and with a mid-mounted mowing deck will mow brilliantly too. With a hydraulic lift capacity of 600kg, it's renowned for delivering superb value and outstanding performance. An optional front loader further increases its versatility opening it up to many more applications such as landscaping and light groundworks.

Both can just as easily handle the tasks of summer and autumn, as well as winter sweeping and clear-up, and spring aeration, it's what gives both their reputation as all-season machines, says Steven Haynes, TYM's sales manager at distributor Reesink Turfcare: "These machines really are neat little workhorses and particularly appeal to customers who want a powerful, multi-purpose option in a compact package all-year-round."

Both tractors benefit from a powerful diesel engine, hydrostatic power-steering for effortless manoeuvrability, a tight turning circle ideal for barn work and paddock clearing, and a heavy-duty, four-wheel-drive front axle for greater traction where needed.

Steven continues: "TYM understand the requirements of its customers: one machine with a range of abilities and the benefit of being able to mow earns its place in any shed. It brings value and versatility to towing, moving and maintenance tasks. These smaller tractors are widely termed a multi-tasking wonder and with good reason - they provide customers an effective, but compact solution for most of their needs."

Reesink Turfcare, the UK distributor of TYM, has long been known for offering more when it comes to its service, after-sales support, parts and warranties and new for 2020 these models are available with a three-year bumper to bumper warranty package to safeguard customers' investment.

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