Aebi at IOG Saltex 2005

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Aebi at IOG Saltex 2005

Stand No. W03

Aebi has made a name for itself with high-quality implement carriers and multi purpose tractors. Aebi has also become a hallmark both in respect of technical innovation and of economical quality benefits. Whatever is developed and manufactured by Aebi offers very high performance, operational safety, ease of maintenance and a long service life: Whatever originates from Aebi is good.

World innovation on display at the Saltex show:

Steep-slope implement carrier Terratrac Aebi TT170.

The new and powerful Terratrac TT170 with manual gear change has been redesigned on the basis of the proven Aebi Terratrac principle. It has immediately assumed the position of the most powerful "dual-axle mower" on the market and is the second model in the new Aebi Terratrac range of products.

Like the Terratrac TT270, both inside and outside it radiates a new dynamic appearance. The general comfort, particularly in relation to noise and dust, is now substantially improved. The operation of the basic machine and the implements has been largely automated. Compared with the Terratrac Aebi TT80 it boasts improved performance with a new gear box, a significantly more powerful engine (68 PS), larger tyres, greater lifting power and considerably improved operating comfort.

New and modern: The gear change

The synchronised reversing gearbox of the Terratrac Aebi TT170 has been redesigned and developed by Aebi. It incorporates 24 finely graded gears that are very easy to select. Specifically designed for steep slope working it has a high degree of effectiveness, particularly in relation to its tractive power. Based on a four-speed gearbox, it is supplied as standard with three groups: Road, work and creeping. The standard intermediate gear results in 3 times 8, i.e. 24 finely graded gear levels, which permit a constant drive that is perfectly adapted to the work in hand. And just as one would expect from a modern tractor, the TT170 has a top speed of 40 km/hour.

Powerful and efficient: The engine and the cooling

Thanks to the direct fuel injection, the VM diesel motor from Detroit Diesel with its 50 kW (68 HP) generates enormous torque and is extremely economical. It excels with a maximum torque of 214 Nm at 1400 revolutions per minute. This means: That already at 1400 rpm, 31.4 kW (43 HP) power is available. The fuel tank holds 90 litres and hence allows long periods of work.

The cooling systems for the diesel motor and the hydraulic oil are specifically designed for dusty conditions. Both systems have a hinged cover and can thus be accessed rapidly for cleaning and are extremely convenient to maintain.

Naturally, all other products that are included in the Aebi sales programme will also be on display at the Saltex exhibition.

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