Aeration done without fuss before lunch for Kent club

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IMG 1377The team at Lamberhurst GC on the Kent and Sussex border has found the perfect solution for speeding up aeration … their new Wiedenmann Terra Spike GXi8 HD.

Course Manager, Bruce Woodgate says: "This is our first Wiedenmann. Our old machine had served us well for 20 years but it had long since been superseded. We had a trial with several machines but for us the Wiedenmann Terra Spike led the way in terms of its smoothness and ease of use."
"Everything is being done in half the time. Previously when we were aerating the greens we used to have to come in early and work late. Then we'd back in early again the next day and hope we'd finish the last one before the golfers caught us up.

"Now we can do a green in 15 minutes. For example, today we spiked all of them using 8mm tines and were finished before lunch. Immediately after spiking you can still putt on the green. Golfers were commenting favourably that there was no disturbance. They said they found no difference on the parts of the green that had been spiked to parts still to be done. At this time of the year you can have it set to 'no heave' and you get no complaints. There are only four of us so it makes a big difference to get this task out the way quickly."

Another winning factor for the GXi8 was is its working width. "The 1.8 m is perfect for what we need, perfect for our John Deere compact tractor and doesn't mark the green," commented Bruce Woodgate. "A 2.0 m machine would be too heavy and the 1.6 m width loses 20 cm width every pass."
The Wiedenmann Terra Spike GXi8 HD fits to tractors 40 hp and above and retails from £26,450 ex VAT (RRP).

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