Agrovista Amenity launches at BTME

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Maxwell Amenity and Sherriff Amenity, the professional turf and landscape division of Agrovista, have joined forces to herald the start of an exciting new era.

Dave Saltman, John Richards, Duncan Brown and Chris Clayton

Agrovista Amenity, launched at BTME in January, brings together two of the most experienced and progressive teams in the amenity turf market and is the result of a long-term strategy for growth and evolution.

The new company represents a shared vision - an emphatic passion for this much-loved industry, a desire to create and implement new innovations, to deliver real results for customers and suppliers, to provide technical and service excellence and to empower and inspire staff to help them flourish and prosper.

Agrovista Amenity is just the latest step in delivering these values to the market.

Spearheaded by an experienced senior management team, customers will now benefit from a wider breadth of innovative products and specialist technical expertise. Furthermore, Agrovista Amenity is committed to offering improved customer interaction across on and offline platforms, through a modern, technical approach to amenity care.

It is the perfect addition to the Agrovista family - a company established more than 60 years ago, that takes pride in its traditional values of professionalism, cutting edge technology, and customer service.

Maxwell Amenity and Sherriff Amenity have joined forces to herald the start of an exciting new era as Agrovista Amenity

Already servicing the sector through established brand Sherriff Amenity, Agrovista now extends a warm welcome to Maxwell Amenity.

Maxwell Amenity trades in the amenity, landscaping and horticultural sectors, offering product supply, media, sports turf contracting and grounds training.

The consolidated expertise will enable Agrovista Amenity to thrive in the industry it knows best, operating across a wide range of turf sectors including greenkeeping, sports turf, the public sector and landscaping.

This future-proof, customer-centric business model will benefit all, according to John Marland, Head of Amenity:

"Agrovista Amenity has been built upon a commitment to innovation and the highest standards of customer service. There is a clear fit between our two businesses, as our services are highly complementary, so it creates exciting potential."

"As one, Agrovista Amenity will be well-equipped to pursue new opportunities for growth, to the benefit of our customers, suppliers and employees."

Managing Director of Maxwell Amenity, Dave Saltman, added, "We are very excited about this new era; both our teams have highly-qualified and knowledgeable staff. Together with the greater research and product development support available, the new business will be a leading force in the professional turf sector, providing all customers with an even greater level of service."

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