Agrovista Amenity launches new fertiliser range

Chris Bassettin Chemicals & Fertilisers

Agrovista Amenity has announced the launch of Evolution Naturelle - a unique range of fertilisers which replaces the popular Marathon portfolio of products.

For a number of years, turf managers reaped the benefits of the Marathon range of fertilisers - and they can certainly expect no less when it comes to the improved Evolution Naturelle range.

Evolution Naturelle is a premium range of organo-mineral fertilisers designed with a unique mode of action. Poultry based Evolution Naturelle contains essential nutritional elements such as phosphorus (P), potassium (K), magnesium oxide (MgO), sulphur (S) and iron (Fe) which are compounded to the advanced granulation making them available for plant uptake.

Key features

  • Low carbon to nitrogen ratio
  • Provides healthy balanced growth due to phased release of nutrients
  • Complexed potassium for slow release
  • Promotes stimulation of bacterial soil life helping reduce thatch build
  • Hardens turf due to cell division and cell extension as a result of ammonium take up
  • No scorch risk due to low salt index when applied at the correct rates
  • Increased tillering for a denser sward
  • Ammonium produces large volumes of root hairs which ensure active up take of micronutrients

No matter what the time of year, or the requirement, the Evolution Naturelle range offers a solution, and below is just a snapshot of what customers can expect.

The Evolution Naturelle Micro range consists of Spring - to optimise consistent grass plant response at the start of the growing season; NK - which produces a consistent plant response during the growing season; Summer - for phased release and a steady growth response throughout the core of the growing season; Renovate - to support sports turf surfaces post renovation with the aim of promoting rapid recovery back to expected playing conditions; and Autumn - for steady resilient growth at the end of the growing season.

The Evolution Naturelle Sport range: Spring - which contains three nitrogen sources blended to optimise consistent grass plant response; Summer - a zero-phosphate analysis for phased release; Autumn - for consistent growth and healthy natural colour; and Allsport - designed for application throughout the growing season with a balanced formulation of plant essential elements.

The Evolution Naturelle Base range: 4-3-2 - designed to be used across a range of horticultural applications including turf surfaces, landscape constructions, amenity and ornamental plant borders; 7-6-14 which contains slow release, organic components to provide consistent nutrition for reliable growth; and Preseed 8-12-8 - a balanced analysis of primary and secondary macronutrients designed to support strong and consistent rooting.

The result of following an Evolution Naturelle fertiliser programme is a sward with firm, shorter leaf blades brought about by the increase in tillering and improvement in leaf cell structure.

The new Evolution Naturelle range of fertilisers are available with immediate effect. Contact your local technical advisor for more information on setting up your programme.

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