Airforce Budgets to save Money

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Airforce Budgets to save Money

By Carol Dutton


"Build us into your budget" is the message from Terrain Aeration, who is offering a 15% discount to anyone booking the company at the show. Often called to golf clubs as trouble shooters to relieve water logging, black layer or compaction panning, their one-metre deep, compressed-air de-compaction treatment should last 10 years, and when combined with regular surface aeration, promote stronger root growth, and a healthier sward.

"Bringing us in once a decade should also avoid compaction panning building up in the lower surface levels," says Director Lynda Green.

Anyone who doubts the importance of aeration in sports turf is invited to MD David Green's FREE FRINGE SEMINAR - AERATION, MYTHS AND LEGENDS, at 11.00am on Thursday 26th Jan. in the Queen's Suite, rooms 2 and 3.

For further information contact Terrain Aeration on Tel: 01449 673783

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