ALC Launch New Range of Tee Turf

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Tee TurfMaintaining tees and driving practice areas all year round is an increasing problem faced by greenkeepers up and down the country due to the wetter winters of recent years.

Tee Turf NF (for Non Filled), is a new product from ALC. A new generation all-weather artificial turf designed specifically as a low wear, low maintenance alternative to natural turf. A tough, 35mm thick knitted nylon construction gives greater pile density enabling easy installation without the use of sand or rubber infill. Standard tee pegs can be placed easily and securely anywhere on the surface or balls can be played directly off the surface if required.

ALC have seen a significant increase in sales off all weather tees over the last few years and the competitively priced and easier to install and maintain Tee Turf NF should see this trend continue.

Tee Turf"Tee Turf offers a solution to courses that suffer with heavy or wet conditions that would normally mean closure during the wetter months. Maintenance costs will also be reduced while still providing a tee which is "popular with the players" commented Andrew Baylis, MD of ALC.

Available in standard sizes to suit most requirements, Tee Turf NF is designed for permanent installation allowing all year round use, as a replacement to natural tees in shaded and wet locations or as a seasonal alternative to grass tees to help spread wear and tear and reduce maintenance costs.

Standard sizes are available in 3.66m x 3m, 3.66m x 6m, 1.83 x 3m or 1.83 x 1.5m or sizes to the clubs requirements. Complete or part installation options are available.

The original standard 'Tee Turf' rubber / sand filled winter tees are also still available as well as a complete range of artificial grasses suitable for paths, targets and greens.

For further information, please contact ALC on: 01474 364 320 or visit

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