All new 22” INFINICUT launched at BTME 2020

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Another show, another product launch for Cub Cadet at BTME 2020. Following on from SALTEX 2019 where the company showed its first Rotary Mower, the SM34, BTME was the turn of an all-new 22" INFINICUT®.

This '2020 model year' has been designed specifically with golf in mind and features Bluetooth wireless connectivity via Android smartphones. The electrical architecture has been overhauled completely and is now designed around the automotive industry standard CAN bus protocol. The Cub Cadet design team has commissioned a bespoke BLDC motor, specifically intended to offer quiet, efficient power to the traction and cylinder drive. This is teamed up with an upgraded automotive lithium battery module that offers unrivalled duty cycle and reliability. These developments have come together with advancements in both the bedknife adjustment mechanism and cylinder manufacture.

The company have designed and invested in a new in-house, 'state-of-the-art', cylinder manufacturing process to ensure Cub Cadet cylinders will be the most accurate in the industry. The revamped bedknife adjustment mechanism now offers 'best-in-class' reel-to-bedknife setting retention. These innovations, coupled with the new CNC manufacturing processes that have been put in place, help to ensure the quality customers have come to expect from Cub Cadet cylinder mowers.

The Cub Cadet INFINICUT® SM34 Rotary Mower that was launched in Birmingham at the back end of 2019, resulted in the product being crowned the winner of SALTEXs' much coveted Innovation Award. It was shown to Golf customers for the first time at BTME. Since its introduction the company has pre-sold almost all of its first production run!

The SM34 mows in the traditional sense or can be used as a stand-alone vacuum. In cut mode, the incorporation of both a front roller and rear traction roller means the SM34 delivers a striping effect usually only achieved with a professional cylinder mower. The premium-grade, high carbon steel blades offer extended life, and come pre-balanced to exhibit less vibration, while the 34" cutting width combines the units lightweight design with better productivity. The introduction of a revolutionary side collector gives the operator a more comfortable and practical working position.

Second generation models are already in design stage to offer an engine/generator power source; the option of a manual deck adjustment and the addition of implement attachments.

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