All the benefits of the CT2120 and CT2140, but now with added ‘oomph’

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PR4203 CT2240
Toro's new CT2240 compact triple reel mower combines all the benefits of Toro's CT2120 and 2140 in one machine, but now has extra 'oomph', says the company.

The new model, which replaces the CT2120 and 2140, still provides an efficient and cost-effective machine that's easy to manoeuvre and transport, but has been updated to have more power and increased performance. Features such as improved cutter and transmission performance, and more efficient hydraulics provide this.

For example, a Kubota three-cylinder diesel engine coupled directly to a hydrostatic transmission pump provides outstanding performance in a variety of cutting applications and conditions, while the optional extra of a new LSDL system (Limited Slip Diff Lock) means it has added versatility and traction in extreme conditions.

The CT2240 is also equipped with the proven Mk3 200mm cutting units in numerous blade configurations, and it has independent cutter head lift. Both increase cutter performance by providing flexibility to suit the mowing environment and ensure productivity remains at an optimum.

These features, which give it that extra 'oomph', make the CT2240 a good choice for customers who don't need the power and capacity of the popular LT3340, but still demand a highly efficient and productive machine.

A slightly smaller engine - three cylinders instead of four - and narrower than the LT3340, the CT2240 is designed for cutting play areas and playing fields, educational facilities, caravan parks and parklands. The added benefit of being approved for road use means transportation from site to site is quick and simple.

In addition to the 'oomph' are a variety of additional features, which make using the CT2240 easier. Operator comfort for example has been a major consideration in the design of this new machine. The steering column has been increased in length by 50mm to improve usability for taller operators. The footstep is larger and more clearly visible to aid entry and exit from the operator seat and there is now the option of a full weather cab.

There is an expansion reservoir to the cooling system to simplify daily checking of the engine coolant level, plus fuel gauge changes to allow for a more accurate reading of tank capacity.

The CT2240 is also one of the first machines to benefit from the introduction of the new lower-height ROPS (Rollover Protection System). ROPS is standard on all Toro turf machinery to enhance operator safety when using equipment on undulating grounds and slopes and the lower-height frame means the CT2240 stands at just 212cm, which makes it even easier to transport in a van.

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