Allett Uplift 86E Testimonial video at Christ Church College, Oxford

Laura Malkinin Battery/Electric Power

Christ Church, Oxford has become the world's first owners of the latest 34'' battery-powered rotary mower from Allett - the Uplift86E. This joins their Allett C34Evolution cylinder mower as the college transitions to battery electric to power their machinery.

The advantages of these machines are not only reduced carbon and other pollutant emissions but also hugely decreased noise levels and they are lighter to use than their petrol equivalents and completely without toxic fumes discharged next to the operator and in the local environment. The machines also have significantly decreased maintenance costs and reduced the daily disruption of getting two-stroke engines to start and run smoothly.

The college purchased the C34Evolution battery powered cylinder mower back in 2019. This machine is a 34'' interchangeable cartridge machine that delivers a beautiful finish and has the versatility of interchangeable cartridges to complete many fine-lawn maintenance tasks, all in just one power unit.

The Allett C34E uses four removable batteries, which are also used in their Uplift 86E rotary mower, deliver a run-time of up to four hours. "So by charging the batteries at lunchtime we get a full day's work completed," says John James, Head Gardener at Christ Church. "This machine is eerily quiet with only the whirr of the blades, making it ideal for working in the Quads around the college.

Comments have been made from students wondering why the groundsman is pushing a 'turned off' mower around the lawn." The electricity cost is approximately 40p to re-charge all four batteries which is a considerable saving on fuel costs over the life of the machine.

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