Amenities Sector to benefit from natural and safe weeding technology

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SKEG4Controlling weeds is a perennial problem for council, amenity, landscape and groundcare teams that is not only costly and time-consuming but potentially harmful to people, animals and the environment due the use of chemical-based herbicides.

This situation, however, could soon change for the better as an innovative weeding technology, developed and manufactured in the UK, is now available for use in the amenities sector offering the first effective, financially viable opportunity for non-toxic, 100% natural and renewable weed control.

Weedingtech's thermal weeding solution - Foamstream - is completely non-toxic and its use is therefore completely unrestricted. Foamstream can be used around water courses, on roads and in populated areas as it poses no danger to people, animals or the environment. It kills weeds quickly using a combination of hot water, steam and a natural foam made from 100% natural and renewable plant oils and sugars, which is applied by three hand-held lances from Weedingtech's delivery device, 'The AW-Series' which is fitted to a tractor, and powered by its PTO.

The patented technology at the heart of the machine - Foamstream - employs a unique mix of boiling water, steam and foam, derived from natural plant oils and sugars to kill weeds. Simple but highly effective, the system is designed to treat all weed types. The steam ensures that the heat is efficiently transferred to the plant cells and the foam acts as a thermal blanket, preventing heat loss to the atmosphere. The cells of the weed are heated to the point where they rupture and the plant dies. The plant science behind this ground-breaking solution has been validated by Dr David Hanke of the University of Cambridge.

SKEG3Karen Waters, Operations Manager of Countryman's Contractors - one of the leading contracting companies in the UK, said: 'Countryman's Contractors recently invested in an AW-Series from Weedingtech; we recognised that Foamstream fills a gap in the market giving us the ability to offer our clients a wider range of services generating new opportunities for our business. Foamstream allows us to bypass complex restrictions around herbicide use and meet the clients and general public's agenda for greener, more sustainable public services.

"Countryman's is committed to protecting the environment and making our towns, cities and countryside greener, cleaner and safer than ever before. We're really excited about rolling Foamstream out and would be delighted to speak with any other councils or organisations about how Foamstream can help them."

Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK in partnership with engineering firm Cambridge Precision Limited, the Weedingtech solution was initially launched to the agricultural sector in response to ever-increasing legislation and restrictions regarding the use of chemical herbicides. Field tests undertaken by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany have revealed a 100% success rate.

Richard Pearson of Weedingtech said: "We believe Foamstream will be a highly effective tool in the amenities sector because it offers so many benefits. For starters, it's incredibly cost efficient. For example, it isn't weather dependent and can be used in almost any weather conditions with no risk to people, animals or the environment. This means contractors can reduce contingency time on jobs saving them money and improving their margins. Foamstream also empowers contractors to offer their clients additional services so they have a wider portfolio when they go into tender situations. What's more, only minimal training is needed to use the AW-Series and Foamstream, as opposed to chemical-based herbicides, which often require training certification.

"Using Foamstream we can make our towns, cities and countryside greener and cleaner than ever."

Foamstream is approved by The Soil Association, The Organic Farmers and Growers Association, and the Chemical Regulations Directorate.

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