Amenity Forum Launches “Get Moving” Campaign

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Get Moving
Effective weed, pest & disease control impacts upon every UK citizen in terms of health, safety and their environment; as a collective, this is a matter that we all agree. Nevertheless, it appears that when speaking to the general public, amenity doesn't mean anything. It's either seen as being to technical, or something that is taken for granted.

There are no shortages of changes that are impacting the Amenity Sector; from BREXIT, to the renewal of Glyphosate, as well as the current review of the National Action Plan implementing the Sustainable Use Directive in the UK to name just a few. Therefore, it is now that we must start the education process of the public, so that they understand or at least appreciate the positive impact Amenity has upon their every day lives.

With this in mind, the Amenity Forum launched their "Get Moving" campaign at their annual conference on the 13th October at the Burton Albion FC at Burton on Trent. The launch was kicked off with an animated video of Why Amenity Matters, where The Colin's Family are introduced. The campaign will follow the Colin's Family on different adventures across the various industry sectors, as a vehicle for showing how important and essential amenity is for everyday life.

John Moverley3
John Moverley, Independent Chairman of the Amenity Forum explained, " Get Moving is about The Amenity Forum supporting all the different sectors. We are creating marketing materials, such as Edugraphics, Animated Videos, Leaflets and Posters. These will demonstrate the various amenity areas, and how these impact on everyone in terms of our streets and pavements, transport networks, parks and play areas, sports surfaces... the list goes on. We are looking to embrace the world of digital marketing, to educate the public, starting with Why Amenity Matters"

This summer we enjoyed a very successful Olympics and there will be impact on public engagement. This needs clean, safe areas to kick that ball around, run and jump. We need to ensure the public understands that the methods we use to control weeds and produce good surfaces are safe and professionally managed and based upon proper science and years of experience.

Visit the Amenity Forum website, to download the documents and watch the videos