Amenity Forum updating events on SUD Leglislation

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Amenity ForumThe importance of demonstrating good practice and using trained and qualified staff has never been greater albeit this is in the context of ever increasing financial pressures. It is really important that those awarding contracts seek out operators who can demonstrate their commitment to best practice and the highest standards.

It is equally important that they engage their staff in continuing professional development. Whilst many already do so, there still remain those who operate outside guidelines established and the message needs to be taken to everyone involved in our sector.

The adoption of the Sustainable Use Directive and the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in the UK have highlighted the need for fully understanding the requirements for best practice and these events seek to provide opportunity for that. They are free events and open to anyone involved in the amenity sector.

The events will all commence at 2pm and are scheduled to last two hours. Speakers will be drawn from representatives of the Forum and the Chemicals Regulations Directive and introduced by John Moverley, Chairman of the Amenity Forum.

The dates and locations are as follows:

Stareton, Warwickshire 23rd January
Wakefield 25 January
Taunton 12 February

These events will run subject to sufficient numbers so, if you wish to attend, please contact Alan Spedding, the Forum Secretary, as soon as possible.

Already promoted is a similar event to be held at Bourne in Lincolnshire on February 5 in conjunction with Progreen Weed Control Solutions. Further information on this and the programme is also available from Alan.

For further information on this release or any other matters, please contact the Forum Secretary,

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