Amenity Management - important and essential

Kate Hopkinsin Chemicals & Fertilisers

2020 is certainly a year not to be forgotten. It has impacted on us all in so many ways and it is clear that returning to what we thought as of normal will not be easy and may indeed never return in full. We have all had to acquire new skills and new approaches to daily life and undoubtedly there have been significant challenges for us all, individuals and organisations. Yet it has also provided opportunity. The months of lockdown demonstrated just how much what happens in amenity management impacts on everyone who lives and works in the UK. It highlighted the essential elements involved in keeping transport networks running, our parks safe and our streets and pavements and so much more. It highlighted how important sport is in our lives and the incredible work of those who, despite the challenges, kept our golf courses and sports facilities maintained and fit for purpose.

2020 is also a year in which a major review of approaches to weed, pest and disease management is being undertaken by the UK and National Governments. This will lead to the publication of a new National Action Plan in 2021. The amenity sector and those who work in it have never been afraid to embrace change and innovation and this will remain so as long as what emerges is based upon proper evidence and science. The Amenity Forum is seeking to represent the views of the sector on all such matters and throughout highlights just how important what is done is to everyone.

We are asking governments to adopt the Amenity Standard as a requirement going forward for any professional work in amenity management. For those who fully support best practice and standards, this poses no problems but adoption in this way will further raise the profile and public confidence in what is done.

The Forum is holding its annual conference as an online event on October 15th 2020 where the theme will be ''Planning for the Future'' We are pleased to confirm that an address will be included from a senior government representative and there will be speakers drawn from across our sector. Building on new skills and new ways, our 2020 conference may have a new method of delivery but is set to provide the same high quality of speaker and opportunity to catch up on the many developments in our sector and issues impacting on us. Over the years, the conference has become a must attend event for all involved in or with an interest in amenity management and this is even more important in 2020.

Aside from important discussion on the National Action Plan and its implications, our focus will be very much upon innovation and new ways forward given the events of recent months. Of course, it is recognised that the opportunity for face to face networking will be lost but the team are working hard to provide the very best experience using professional software and it will be hosted from a central venue. There will be facility to ask questions and share views. The delegate rate is £50 and or further information on how to book or for more detail, contact

Professor John Moverley OBE, Independent Chairman of the Amenity Forum, says ''The amenity sector is a vitally important one creating employment, contributing substantially to our UK economy and above all seeking to provide safe, healthy and sustainable amenity and sports surfaces fit for purpose. All who work in it need to be proud of what they do, truly important and essential''