Amenity Sector advised to check herbicide labels when spraying hard surfaces

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New labelling requirements, introduced by the Chemicals Regulatory Directorate (CRD), come into force this week, reminds the Crop Protection Association, (CPA).

All herbicides authorised for use on non-porous hard surfaces must be sold by manufacturers with the amended labels from 1st June. The new rules only allow foliar acting herbicides, such as glyphosate, to be targeted at weed growth and prohibit blanket spraying. Products containing residual herbicides can be targeted at areas of potential weed growth such as pavement edges and the cracks between slabs.

The CPA has always promoted Best Practice and responsible stewardship for professional users in the Amenity sector and welcomes these changes which now make them mandatory. Following the revised method will reduce the potential for run-off into water courses as well as reducing the amount of pesticide used, addressing both the requirements of the Sustainable Use Directive and the Water Framework Directive.

"Many products and their recommendations are very familiar to users who may not always read the label every time they receive a fresh delivery, so we advise them to check the labels of herbicides for use on non-porous surfaces immediately on delivery," Dr Anne Buckenham, CPA's Director of Policy suggests.

Amended wording appears in the 'Directions for use' section of product labels. Users are advised to request a copy of explanatory diagrams from the product manufacturer. The diagrams give clear, practical guidance on exactly how the new rules work.

Use herbicides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

For further information contact:
Dr Anne Buckenham, Director of Policy, Crop Protection Association
T: 01733 355373
M: 07885 264520

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