Amenity Sprayer Operator of the Year open for entries

Mark Sandersonin Industry News

The search is on to recognise the UK's most professional sprayer operators in the turf and landscape amenity sector. The Amenity Forum's Amenity Sprayer Operator of the Year (ASOOTY) awards highlight best practice and experience in the challenging role of ensuring accurate application on all amenity surfaces.

Sponsored by Syngenta and ICL, in association with BASIS, the awards seek to share top tips and advice that will raise the standards of spray application across the amenity industry.


The winner is presented at the prestigious BIGGA Awards ceremony at BTME, along with a prize of a weekend break for two at a luxury hotel of choice. Two runners-up receive £100 Machine Mart vouchers.

Announcing the opening of the ASOOTY 2022 awards, Syngenta Technical Manager, Sean Loakes, said: "Sprayer operation is a key factor in the success of every application, including elements of nozzle choice, water volume and fine tuning the sprayer to more effectively hit the intended target.

"However, for the best possible results, today's professional sprayer operators must also fully understand the wider aspects of why an application is being made, and what other elements they can also employ for better long-term management of potential problems."

This year the entry process aims to test sprayer operators' broader knowledge of issues and solutions faced across the amenity sector. Barry Browne, ICL Landscape & Industrial Sales Manager, explained entrants are not expected to know the answers to all the questions, but will help the judging panel to assess an individual's experience and approach to dealing with challenges.

"The entry process itself will stimulate thought and understanding of the issues around application, including the need to create integrated solutions using a full range of tools and tactics. We're looking to find operators that can make those important proactive decisions with every application."

All entrants will be invited to attend an on-line session to review the entry form with judges and to share and learn from the experiences of others.

Professor John Moverley of the Amenity Forum highlighted the ASOOTY awards exemplified the organisation's objective to promote best practice across the sector.

"It seeks to do this by advocating a fully integrated approach to weed, pest and disease management, tailoring solutions to meet specific situations and making use of the appropriate approved chemical and non-chemical techniques, to produce the most effective and efficient outcome - whilst seeking to create safe and healthy amenity spaces.

"The Amenity Forum has taken the lead in a major step forward in highlighting the importance of amenity management and the need to use professionally approved operators in any public space."