Amenity Use Action Plan

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This page details progress on the work of the Implementation Group taking forward the Amenity Use Action Plan developed under the UK strategy for the sustainable use of plant protection products.

Plant protection products are not only used in agriculture and horticulture. Significant quantities are also deployed for amenity uses (including the highways and parks sectors). These uses have historically received less attention than farm uses and there may be less supervision of spraying activities in some situations. There is also less organised monitoring of use patterns in this sector.

There are, therefore, concerns over the possible impact of the use and disposal of products by some amenity users. The Voluntary Initiative for pesticides has examined the amenity sector and identified hard surface uses and aquatic weed control as particular potential threats to water and uses in amenity grassland as the greatest threat to biodiversity. An Amenity Forum has been established to bring together the key stakeholders and to encourage best practice. The Action Plan for the amenity sector aims to build on this initiative.

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