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Following the recent departure of Pitchcare founder, Dave Saltman, it has been announced that his former business partner, John Richards, will also be retiring from his current consultancy role with Agrovista UK at the end of October.

The Maxwell Amenity/Pitchcare business was acquired in December last year and, since then, John has been part of a management team overseeing the integration of the Sherriff Amenity and Maxwell Amenity operations.

John commented, "Since the acquisition, a lot of work has taken place to create the new Agrovista Amenity from what were two different, but very dynamic and highly regarded teams. The work is now complete, the foundations are in place, so the time is right for me to step aside."

"The circumstances surrounding the integration have not been ideal; the Covid-19 pandemic has been devastating and very disruptive, but I've been impressed with the professional way this has been handled by Agrovista UK, in terms of staff and customer relations. It has certainly not been easy for anyone, but the manner in which it has been done augurs well for the future."

Commenting on his nineteen years with Pitchcare, John said, "It has been a great adventure, with more than a few bumps and challenges along the way. I can vividly recall all those years ago, Dave coming round and talking about this idea of a website for groundsmen. I hadn't a clue what he was going on about. He'd already invested a lot, in terms of money and time, plus he had the knowledge and the contacts and, unquestionably, his passion and enthusiasm for the industry was infectious. So, we agreed to give it a go."

"I then entered this weird and strangely exciting world - probably not unlike Alice's introduction to Wonderland - with an unusual and different language, with words like bents, fescues, poa annua, and people who could spot a weed at twenty yards. Many were like Dave - passionate, obsessive and determined to progress and improve what was then a very staid industry. And that's exactly what we did, notwithstanding those bumps!"

"I have no regrets; it has been fantastic and also a privilege to work with some exceptionally talented people, seeing them and the business grow in stature and reputation. I'm sure the new team will be even more successful, and I wish them all well."

"I can honestly say my time with Pitchcare/Maxwell Amenity has given me the most satisfying work experience of my life. And now I'm ready for the next adventure..."

Duncan Brown, Agrovista UK's Finance Director said, "Following a discussion with John, we have agreed that this would be a mutually convenient time to end our consultancy arrangement; however, he has agreed to continue working with the Pitchcare Editorial team on a freelance basis."

"On behalf of Chris Clayton and the rest of the management team, we would like to thank John for his involvement and support during the merger of the two businesses, and we wish him well with whatever he is planning to do in the future."

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