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Dr Andy Owen, Everris International B.V. low res
Everris, the leading manufacturer and supplier of fertilizers, plant protection products and grass seeds, has appointed Dr Andy Owen as International Technical Manager for its turf and amenity business.

Andy is a soil scientist and agronomist with a Ph.D. from the University of Wales in Bangor. He began his career carrying out contract research into plant protection products before joining STRI as a research officer.

An amateur footballer with a keen interest in a wide variety of sports, it was during his time at Bingley that he developed a specific focus on sports surface management and performance.

Andy has spent the past eight years passing his knowledge and expertise on to the next generation of turf managers as a Lecturer in Sportsturf Agronomy at Myerscough College in Preston.

In his new role, he will be instrumental in the ongoing development of the company's professional product portfolio to meet turf managers' requirements.

He will also steer the extensive trial programme across its territories and provide technical and agronomic support to the company`s staff, distributors and customers.

Andy will work alongside Henry Bechelet, Technical Sales Manager - UK and Ireland, to create a focused technical agenda for the worldwide Turf and Amenity business.

His appointment further reinforces Everris' commitment to research, new product development and end-user education.

"In my teaching role I had the chance to make a difference, getting some fantastic young people thinking the right way about managing turf," he explained. "Everris is an innovative, forward-thinking company.

Joining them gives me the opportunity to promote integrated turf management and the benefits of linking all aspects of turf management to enhance health and performance."

Rob van Spingelen, Global Category Manager for Turf & Amenity at Everris, said: "We aim to improve the way we share the results of our trial work and other technical information with staff, distributors and customers.

Andy's knowledge and skills as both an agronomist and an educator will help us achieve this and we are delighted he has joined us."

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