Announcing the Elephant’s Trunk for hedgetrimming without backache

Mike Beardallin Industry News

Keeping hedges under control has traditionally been hard work - even with lightweight petrol-driven trimmers users suffer back, neck, shoulder and arm strain.

But all that can now end with the introduction of the Elephant's Trunk, a remarkable invention from Belgium that reduces the weight of any trimmer to just 1kg.

Just strap on the harness, clip the hedgetrimmer to the loop and you have an extra hand taking the weight of the machine, enabling you to cut hedges all day without the aches and pains that normally set in.

DJ Turfcare, specialists in innovative products for the grounds care industry, are the sole UK distributors of the Elephant's Trunk - manufactured by Green Technology, one of the leading horticultural product companies in Europe.

David Jenkins, managing director of DJ Turfcare, says: "The Elephant's Trunk will revolutionise the way professionals and amateurs tackle hedgetrimming.

"By making lighter work of an arduous chore this effective device will make the cutting of hedges less daunting, reducing muscle and back strain."

The Elephant's Trunk is a light harness which takes the weight of a hedgetrimmer and transfers it to the hips, eliminating strain on back, neck, shoulder and arms.

It is adjustable for individual users and for different weight hedgetrimmers - but all machines become the equivalent of 1kilo in use.
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