April 2019 Pitch Diaries

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At any time of the year, and particularly during April when there tends to be disparity between day time highs and night time low temperatures, accompanied by dry periods without rainfall, often the trend these days, over and above the 'April showers' of yesteryear; adequate temperature and water are the two factors which hold back grass growth.

As always, the key to success is looking ahead and factoring in strategies to keep in front of the curve whilst at the same time reflecting on what lessons can be learned.

On winter sports pitches, maximising spring recovery growth from the winter with good quality sports turf fertilisers increases the sward density ahead of the end of the season. Something which potentially allows for a reduction in the volume of overseeding requirement during renovations.

Here we sit then in spring 2019 with reduced availability of seed and increased demand as turf managers again dip into the depleted 2018 harvest this spring, to tackle areas which did not recover adequately. The outcome of this situation in the supply chain is increased demand, clashing with decreased availability. The consequence is less choice and increased price.

In this month's diaries we look at the key considerations. Click here to view.

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