Aquadyne - A Virtuous Circle To Remove Plastic Waste

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09213 09214 RawMaterial.jpgWith prices for waste falling through the floor throughout the world, one British company has created the ultimate virtuous circle - converting plastic waste into an efficient land drainage system.

Aquadyne is converted from virtually any form of plastic - silage wrap to plastic bags, wheelie bins to water bottles - into easily installed blocks of macro and micro porous cells that drain surface water from agricultural fields, sports pitches, golf courses and domestic gardens.

"Newcastle University conducted a life cycle assessment, which concluded that every 200 panels of Aquadyne saves more than two tonnes of carbon emissions," says James Arrowsmith of Aquadyne Sales & Marketing. "The product is simple to install with minimal disturbance to the grass surface and will effectively drain up to 20 litres of water per second."

The unique structure of the Aquadyne panels means that they never become clogged with sand or other particles, providing a permanent drainage solution. Installation is achieved with minimal excavation and because Aquadyne also retains water, the surface does not reveal scarring in times of drought, which can be seen with conventional draining systems.

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