Arctic grass golf course buys Redexim Easy-Core aerator

Redeximin Golf

In 2000 the 9 hole Nuuk golfcourse was opened in Greenland, the largest island in the world. 35.000 square meter of green grass was imported from Iceland, making it Greenland's largest lawn.

As grass does not grow so fast at this latitude, it is important to utilise the right maintenance tools to stimulate grass growth.

Nuuk golf course purch

ased the Easy-Core aerator, as it leaves minimal damage to the turf surface as its tines penetrate the soilvertically.

This is important, as the golfcourse is only open for a few weeks during the summerwhen the frost is gone.

This also means that the income is limited, as well as the funds for investment, making the not so expensive Easy-Core the ideal acquisition.

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