Are you ready for the sports turf challenges of 2020?

Greg Rhodesin Industry News

The pivotal role of soil biology in sport and amenity turf health is at the heart of keynote presentations by Joel Williams, the internationally respected authority on soil science and leading edge techniques.

Harpenden Common Golf Club hosts the `Getting Ready for 2020` seminar - which attracts four BIGGA CPD credits - on 14 November amid major strides forward for soil biology in golf course management and tougher EU controls on chemical applications.

The removal of ever more chemicals permitted for use demands a radical rethink on traditional methods of course management and time is running out to put more eco-friendly practices in place.

Outlining the principles of soil biology, Joel will discuss the functions, roles and interactions of soil life in golf greens - introducing key groups of organisms in the soil ecosystem.

He then moves on to cover how to advance soil biology and leverage the most from turf soils by understanding total, exchangeable and soluble nutrient pools - delegates also learning of the biological link to foliar-applied inputs.

After lunch, Joel tackles the future of integrated pest management (IPM) concluding with a considered view of the frontiers of soil biology, turf health and sustainable, resilient golf greens.

Rooted in results, Harpenden Common General Manager Terry Crump will reveal how the club has successfully applied soil biology within its course management strategy.

Sponsored and developed by Soil Biology Ltd, `Getting ready for 2020` will deliver `must-hear` knowledge and insight into what is a rapidly developing sector of turf care and is tailored for course managers, head greenkeepers and deputies.

Reserve your place now by contacting or phoning 01959 564690.