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Wiedenmann UK now has four practical machines that can help maintain synthetic sports pitches. Two of them are also sufficiently versatile to be used on natural grass applications making them a sound investment for those trying to make their budgets go as far as possible. Mix and match the quartet to cover all your requirements.

One of the first essential tasks in artificial turf maintenance is to rid the surface of litter and debris. Wiedenmann's Terra Clean efficiently lifts discarded objects and waste while cleverly returning infill back to the pitch.

A robust counter-rotating brush lifts surface debris into the primary hopper, placing it on a vibrating sieve while the debris is shaken into a collector at the rear of the machine.

Another key task is to loosen compacted infill so that water drains away from the synthetic carpet, stopping algae and moss building. The Terra Rake is specially designed for this, its wide robust frame and five closely arranged spring tines forming a parallelogram floating system.

And when it is time to dress the surface with more infill, Wiedenmann's sturdy Terra Top can dispense precisely measured quantities of rubber and sand. Its delivery rollers are accurately aligned to maximise even distribution.

A rotating brush directs the dressing into the turf pile. It also doubles as a handy sized top dresser for use elsewhere.

Finally, the infinitely versatile Terra Brush can be used daily, brushing sand and rubber crumbs back into the infill zone, straightening fibres and levelling the surface.

The special zig zag arrangement of the individual brush strips achieves an even distribution of infill allowing the ball to run and reducing the risk of injury. On natural surfaces it has multiple uses from removing early morning dew, presenting turf areas in non-cutting months and brushes in top dressing to worm cast removal without using chemicals.

All machines come with a variety of optional extras and in most instances have different sized options. Prices start from £1590 ex VAT.

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