Ascernity pays dividends from investing in dollar spot

Mark Sanderson

Presenting results of latest dollar spot trials during the BIGGA Continue to Learn conference at BTME this week (Investing in dollar spot, 23 January 2024), Syngenta Technical Manager, Sean Loakes, highlighted the dual-activity of newly approved Ascernity fungicide as a first step for season-long disease control on golf greens. 

Dollar Spot

The aim of starting disease control programmes with multi-active fungicides, including Ascernity and followed by Instrata Elite, has proven most effective in preventing impacts of later season diseases, according to Syngenta research. 

With dollar spot in high-risk areas now regularly reported from early May, right through the summer and early autumn, the strategy to target the disease earlier and utilise more Integrated Turf Management practices were crucial in limiting the impacts.   

Findings from a recent greenkeeper and turf agronomist survey showed the serious severity of dollar spot that occurred last year on courses south and south-west of a line from Manchester to Ipswich, with fewer outbreaks reported in the north and north-east or Scotland.

The survey also found that most cases were reported on predominately fescue surfaces (over 40%), along with poa annua (31%) and, to a lesser extent, bentgrass. The number of instances reported on ryegrass was significantly less.  

“The important approval for Ascernity use on golf greens and tees is hugely significant in giving greenkeepers a new option to cover dollar spot and other turf diseases from late spring, through to the autumn,” Sean reported.

Ascernity combines two powerful active ingredients - difenconazole and Solatenol - in one product, targeting the pathogen in different ways for reliable control and reducing the risk of resistance.

“When we are looking for responsible and sustainable use of fungicides, using products with more than one mode of action, and in a planned programme with other proven options, is essential to minimise the risk of resistance developing,” he advocated.

“Furthermore, when you have a product such as Ascernity that is highly effective on microdochium patch, dollar spot and anthracnose, as well as trials showing excellent results on take-all patch and fairy ring, the broad spectrum enables targeting of multiple diseases from a single application.”

Syngenta will be providing more guidance and advice through the summer for season long turf disease strategies utilising fungicide combinations.       

Ascernity is distributed in the UK and Ireland by ICL Ltd.