Aspen return to The Arb Show 2024, plot B14

Aspen Fuelin Fuel

Aspen Fuel return to The Arb Show 2024, showcasing the many benefits of the original and UK’s best-selling alkylate petrol for the professional arborist. 


Free from ethanol, benzene and most other hazardous hydrocarbons traditionally found in pump petrol, Aspen delivers a significantly improved shelf life and a cleaner burn, enhancing engine performance and reliability while providing an improved working environment for the operator.

Available in 4-stroke and as a pre-mixed alkylate petrol for air-cooled 2-stroke engines, Aspen offers a viable solution for those seeking a more environmentally friendly fuel source, without resigning fully serviceable petrol-powered equipment to the shed or scrapyard. With a range of pack sizes and flexible delivery options available, Aspen is ideal for use in all types of equipment, in all landscapes and for operations of all sizes.

Businesses who may be on the fence about Aspen Fuel have the opportunity to trial it risk-free with Aspen’s ‘Experience the Difference’ promotion – extended for visitors to The Arb Show. Subject to a bulk purchase, operators can use either Aspen 2 or Aspen 4 in their own working environments with the confidence that, if they don’t notice the significant improvements to sustainable working practices, they can return the unused fuel.

In their new location this May, visitors to plot B14 can speak to the Aspen technical team to find out more about the trial, along with participate in a new take on the ‘Aspen Challenge’ for your chance to win a fantastic prize each day.