Attila cuts up rough at a low cost

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Etesia-Attila-Brushcutter.jpg This year's weather has seen rain alternating with spells of warm, dry sunshine - the ideal conditions for encouraging weeds, saplings and other unwanted plants to grow strong and lush. Etesia's Attila ride-on brushcutters are designed specifically for clearing this sort of overgrown vegetation, so for this season the company has launched a low rate Finance Deal designed to bring these number one workhorses within the budget of even the smallest of contractors.

As an example, under the scheme the 85cm Attila AK85 ride-on brushcutter is available for the monthly equivalent of as little as £20.29 per week - a relatively small price for a piece of kit with high earning potential.

Purchasing in this way makes good business sense - regular monthly repayments make for easy budgeting; VAT is spread over a period and not paid as a lump sum up-front; and costing existing and new contracts to ensure profitability is easier.

Having new equipment always impresses clients, but more importantly, it is reliable, does the job better and more efficiently, and avoids costly unplanned downtime.

Attila AK85 speedily reduces overgrown scrub, heather, gorse and tough vegetation to a tidy mulch - even young saplings fall to its blade. Etesia recognises that in these often hostile working conditions, a ride-on brushcutter needs plenty of power to carry out the job and produce a good finish. For this reason, Attila AK85 is fitted with a well-proven Kawasaki twin-cylinder 15hp engine, giving it greater output and more power than machines of a similar size on today's UK market.

Attila AK85 is easy to operate and highly manoeuvrable. Forward and reverse speeds can be adjusted to match the volume of material passing through the cutting unit, thus reducing the risk of blockages. Built to last, it has a sturdy welded tubular chassis and 7mm thick cutterbar with swinging blades which can be fixed for mowing short grass.

Other Attila models include the larger AV95 95cm with a Briggs & Stratton twin-cylinder 18hp engine; and the pedestrian 51cm Attila AV51 powered by a 6hp Kawasaki unit.

Importantly, all products are backed by Etesia's nationwide network of specialist dealers, who supply sales, servicing and replacement parts and also provide free demonstrations without obligation. For more information phone 01926 403319
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