August 2016 Sports Maintenance Diaries

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Sports covered are bowls, cricket, rugby, football, golf and tennis

July weather was as predicted, very unsettled, with good temperatures but also plenty of rain. Similar is forecast for August, so the prolific growth will continue, and that includes the weeds!

We have also had many reports of Red Thread, which isn't surprising considering the conditions. The rain has been washing the nutrients through the soil; a decent dose of a nitrogen rich fertiliser should do the trick.

Our diaries will provide you with general advice and guidance on the sort of work you should be contemplating to keep your playing surfaces in a good condition and fit for purpose.

The advice is not set in stone; each facility and surface is different, so the experienced groundsman or greenkeeper will take on board whatever is relevant to them. For those who are less experienced, the diaries will prove to be a useful guide for what should be done this month.

If you need any more specific advice or information, why not check out our Forum.

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