August 2018 Pitchcare Diaries

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Sports covered are bowls, cricket, rugby, football, golf and tennis.

The most miniscule levels of rainfall have become the difference between continued abiotic stress and the first signs of renewed growth.

A penetrant wetting agent might be the go-to tool in the armoury of a turf professional looking to hold onto whatever moisture does arrive.

The effects of these tools are amplified, though, by their integration into a full recovery programme, including considering aerating more deeply and whether to alter one's renovation plans.

All this, and more, has been considered and advised upon in August 2018's Pitchcare Diaries.

Our diaries are here to offer some guidance on the work required during the coming month. They are not set in stone, and local conditions will determine the work schedule.

Don't forget, you can also use our Pitchcare Forum, where members can ask for and offer advice on the whole range of sports turf surfaces issues.

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