Barenbrug Bents best for improved winter performance

Amy Ellinghamin Industry News

Lilley Brook GCHere's a terrific illustration of the benefits of overseeing golf greens with bent grasses for improved winter performance.

This photo of Cheltenham-based Lilley Brook Golf Club's frozen green taken in early December 2010 shows Barenbrug's BAR All Bent browntop bent mixture thriving in spite of the heavy frost. What's more, 10 months on and with the first frosts of the year occurring, the green is still looking good.

The Poa-dominated green was overseeded by fine turf contractor R&K Kensett Limited in September 2010 as part of a Graden Contour Sand and Seed Injection machine demo. The company's Keith Kensett says this process removes thatch, fills the grooves with sand and thus places the seed in an ideal growing environment. This aids initial germination, plus promotes strong growth and long-term establishment.

As Barenbrug's research and development manager, Jayne Leyland, observes: "The introduction of our bent grasses to the green paid dividends, providing an excellent winter colour and resilience to the cold temperatures. Greenkeepers struggling to keep their greens in good condition over the winter months should plan now for their species exchange programme to begin in spring 2012."

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