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BAR-Factfiles.jpgBarenbrug will be focusing on its technical R&D and trials programmes at this year's Scotsturf. The leading grass breeder has introduced FACTfile to ensure that the wealth of technical data from its international and UK-based trials, breeding and research and development programmes is disseminated to those who can make best use of it. The latest FACTfile on diseases will be released at the exhibition and available to all visitors who register to receive FACTfile.

The first in the series of FACTfiles covered temperature germination and this trials work is already being put to good effect throughout Scotland.

The trials have uncovered significant differences in germination temperatures for individual cultivars of Poa pratensis. Cultivars such as Bartender have an excellent germination percentage capability at lower temperatures combined with a wide temperature optimum. Bartender, can - unlike other cultivars of the same species - germinate at soil temperatures as low as 7ºC.

As a result of these findings, Bartender was included in the formulation of a special mixture for Falkirk Stadium, in Scotland, where it again proved its ability to germinate successfully at cooler soil temperatures. This enabled it to compete and establish with the Lolium perenne in the mixture and to effectively provide the required characteristics for this particular project.

Bartender also has outstanding winter colour and slow regrowth, making it an excellent choice for turf production and low maintenance applications.

Key to Barenbrug's presence in Scotland is its sales and production complex in Falkirk, which includes a 12,000 sq ft warehouse with 600 palletized racking bays throughout, and custom-build blending facilities, capable of processing up to six bags of grass seed a minute.

This facility has enabled Barenbrug to get closer to its customers and provide a total solution of locally-mixed product, sales advice and technical support.


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