Barenbrug RPR 'Above Par' for Pars

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Dunfermline FCBarenbrug's groundbreaking new sports grass seed mixture has been put through its paces for the very first time in competitive, televised stadium games - at Dunfermline Athletic Football Club in Fife.

The Scottish Premier League club, nicknamed 'the Pars', is the first customer north of the border to use the specialist grass seed breeder's revolutionary BAR 7 RPR - or Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass. Combining the proven benefits of BAR 7 sports perennial ryegrass mixture with the unique creeping growth habit of new cultivar Barclay II, BAR 7 RPR offers fast establishment plus improved wear tolerance, recovery and pitch stability for football, rugby and other sports surface applications.

Key to RPR's success is Barclay II's unique elongated tillers. These are growth shoots that emerge from nodes at the base of each plant, which grow horizontally just below ground. As they grow, roots develop at the internodes to form new - but connected -grass plants.

Specialist sports turf contractor Greentech was tasked with the pitch renovation that saw RPR incorporated into the playing surface earlier this year. Director Kevin Brunton says that the new mixture's increased tillering appeared to aid establishment and had a positive effect on the all-important 'filling in' process.

"Despite below-average temperatures and a short window for the works, the pitch looked superb for the opening home fixture of the season," Kevin reveals. "The two groundsmen, Willie Davis and Kevin Dawson, have unquestionably done a fantastic job, but I also believe the new seed had a role to play."

The work at Dunfermline saw Greentech seed the newly renovated pitch with BAR 7 RPR at a rate of 50g per square metre. The pitch was then covered with Evergreen germination sheets, and irrigated until the seed germinated four days after sowing.

Kevin adds: "All in all, it's been a very successful renovation and it's been really satisfying to see the pitch look and play so beautifully on TV since. As Barenbrug distributors for Scotland, we understand and trust the research that goes into their new products. Dunfermline are delighted so far with the results, and I'm looking forward to bringing the benefits of RPR to more customers in the future."

BAR 7 RPR will be available as part of Barenbrug's 2012 BAR Range - for more information call 01359 272000, email or visit

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