Battle intensifies to confront invasive weeds in Ireland

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Weed-IT 1.JPGLeading specialist sports and amenity contractor Complete Weed Control (CWC) has intensified its battle against the growing problem of invasive weeds in Ireland.

Japanese Knotweed and other invasive species are blighting large areas of the country and are in danger of overrunning whole tracts of land, it is understood, due in part to a dearth of contractors able to tackle the problem effectively.

CWC has appointed two franchisees for the Republic, giving it a major presence both north and south of the border. The service network now available to local authorities and private sector customers will allow CWC to confront invasive weeds head-on with what is a proven management programme that will contain pernicious species such as Japanese Knotweed.

Spraying Japanese Knotweed.jpgMicheal Whyte, 29, running Leinster province, and Des Carroll, 23, Munster, both show "great aptitude and promise" says CWC technical director Alan Abel, who adds that the challenges they face are those already clearly identified throughout the UK.

"Invasive weeds present a big problem at a diverse range of sites in Ireland, but we'll be ensuring that we deliver the proven, successful methods for managing them, which we apply at sites throughout the UK."

In addition to invasive weed control, local authorities can take advantage of access to the Weed-IT tractor-mounted spot sprayer which uses optical sensors to detect chlorophyll in weeds and directs spray only on to the vegetation.

weeditlogo.jpgThis greatly reduces the volume of herbicide applied to pavements and streets resulting in major cost savings in terms of quantities of chemical applied compared with blanket spraying. It also prevents a more environmentally sustainable solution to controlling weeds in towns and cities.

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