Bayer Environmental Science at Saltex 2005

Nick Hardenin Parks

Bayer Environmental Science at Saltex 2005

Subject to approval, three new products on the Bayer Environmental Science stand (G03) will been seen at Saltex for the first time.

  • Pistol, the new residual total herbicide for soft and gravel surfaces, is designed for control of annual and perennial weeds on land not intended to bear vegetation and in amenity situations. The first of the actives in the formulation works via a unique 'barrier activity' which inhibits the germination of weeds coming up to the surface, giving longer lasting control. The second active controls weeds already at the surface.

  • Scorpio, an ultra-low dosage fungicide, uses a unique Mesostemic mode of action that defines a new class of fungicides: oximinacetates. Oximinacetates have a high affinity with the plant surface and are absorbed readily by the waxy layers of the plant. The product redistributes at the plant surface by superficial vapour movement and penetrates the plant tissue.The product embeds into the waxy layer of the blade/leaf; absorption by the waxy layer gives longer-lasting disease control.

  • The long awaitied chafer grub control product, which has under gone extensive UK trials over the last two years, is awaiting fianal approval from the PSD and, if this is received in time, will be officially launched at Saltex 2005.

The company will also be displaying industry leading turf fungicide, Chipco Green, the only contact turf fungicide with Knapsack sprayer approval, and selective herbicide Nocweed, which can be used on even very young turf.

The condensed version of the Bayer Technical Manual, designed to give instant information for those not needing the extensive technical data in the full manual, and the widely used Spray calibration calculator CD will be available free of charge.

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