BeeWatch launched in December

Louis Bennettin Conservation & Ecology

BeeWatch is a real-time alerting system that creates a community of beekeepers and pesticide users with a common aim to protect the last commercial pollinator, the honey bee.

Bees contribute £650 million to the UK economy every year with the retail value of what they pollinate valued closer to £1 billion. They pollinate 80% of all crops and are crucial in supporting the abundance of wild flowers which support a great diversity of animals.

However, since the 1950's honey bee colonies in the UK have fallen by more than 60% and of these survivors, 85% are provided by enthusiastic amateur beekeepers.

Anyone using pesticides can register with beeWatch and anonymously record a treatment using the app. A notification then gets sent to all beekeepers within a 5km radius. The beekeeper can respond by closing their bee hives to minimise potential exposure.

As a pest controller you can see registered apiaries on the map and a messaging system notifies local beekeepers if you want to inform them of a swarm which is available to be collected.

Although there is a legitimate use for pesticides, simply notifying beekeepers when spraying is going to occur can help prevent mass poisonings.

You can register your interest now at and download a beeWatch flyer for more information.

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