Bernhard Company launches new Training Academy

Angelique Crosnierin Training & Education

11th June 2019 saw the launch of the Bernhard Academy at the company's factory facilities in Haverhill, Suffolk.

The Bernhard Academy is set to become a hub of knowledge for the turf industry and a centre promoting learning and development across the globe. In addition to promoting education to UK turf specialists, the Academy will develop a training programme for Bernhard's distributors from across the US, Asia and Europe to help enhance their knowledge of turf health solutions.

Working in partnership with Mow-Sure Training Ltd, the Academy aims to train customers, technicians and distributors' sales teams to promote turf health, cutting precision and superior playability and eventually to get the most out of Bernhard's product portfolio.

The accredited training will be delivered in several formats at the purpose-built facility at Haverhill, hands-on training, theory or via online learning. A wide range of modular and short courses is planned, with the two signature courses being a Turf Technician Course and a Turf Manager's Course.

Commenting at the opening ceremony, performed by BIGGA's Head of Member Development Samantha Strutt, Executive Chairman Stephen Bernhard said:

"From a purely educational point of view, we want it to be a centre of excellence which allows a number of specialist individuals to present their experience, views and knowledge to an audience. It might be agronomy, chemicals or fertilisers or other industry subjects, but the important part is that they can be shared by experts using this academy."

BIGGA's Head of Member Development Samantha Strutt with Executive Chairman Stephen Bernhard

"When the guys decided with me to invest in much more advanced technology with a more advanced R&D team, it was obvious that we needed to share that investment with other people. You want to see people in the industry developing their careers, so people that have been through here will be more knowledgeable and more valuable and more appreciated by their clubs and by their colleagues."

"The plan is to grow this facility, and I hope we'll have hundreds of people come through here annually and I hope that these people will come from all over the world."

For more information on the various types of training and education support offered by Bernhard and Company, visit: