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saltex 08 106.jpgProving to be a very exciting year for grinding specialist Bernhard and Company, 2008 sees them clinching the Queen's Award for Enterprise.

And at IOG Saltex this momentum continues as the company introduces a specially selected range of new turf products - to complement its dedicated sharpening systems which include the very latest Express Dual and Anglemaster 4000s, designed to ensure grass blades get a great cut.

This new product line-up features powerful Debris Blowers and Recirculating Turbo Vacs, which clear large areas of unwanted debris, clippings and leaves efficiently and effectively.

Ready to be distributed nationwide and with a mark of distinction, the range will be easy to spot as it comes in Bernhard's well recognized poppy red livery.

Get ready to be blown away!

These debris blowers move a lot of air! and are designed to cope with clearing leaves and debris from large areas including sportsfields, golf course fairways and greens, car parks and roadways, landscaped areas, public green spaces and parks.

There are two distinct ranges - Tractor-mounted or Tow Behind

The new PTO Debris Blower comes in two models - the DB2700 and DB3600.

Tractor-mounted, these machines just require a minimum tractor rating of 20hp and 30hp respectively and connect to the tractor by a three-point hitch.
Sturdily constructed, these blowers are designed for professional use. Aerodynamic blower housings and fans ensure a quieter operation with the noise level at the operator's seat just 81db and 94db. DB2700_(BERN).jpg

Easy maintenance is provided through the blower housing which features a split design. This allows easy access to the fan, which is 27inches in diameter and helps create an airflow of 4000cfm in the DB2700 and 36inches in diameter with a 7100cfm airflow on the DB3600.

Featuring bi-directional discharge, to the left or right controlled from the operator's seat, clearing up on large turf areas can be achieved in no time.
For consistent ground following, and to prevent scalping, both units feature a tough three inch diameter anti-scalping roller and heavy-duty 10inch adjustable dual caster wheels.

And these versatile Debris Blowers can also be successfully used to clear early morning dew from turf and help to manage unwanted surface water.

Increasing the power!

Completing this impressive line-up is the new powerful engine-driven Debris Blower DB1800, which can be towed by most utility vehicles.
The reliable power source is an 18hp Kohler engine and this blower provides a direct airflow of 9750cfm. The DB1800 features a durable rubber discharge nozzle that is able to rotate 360deg and is controlled from the operator's seat.

This concentrated airflow can be lowered to blow parallel to the ground. Depending on the job in hand, altering the flow can save time and givDB1800_(BERN).jpge greater efficiency as the lower position blows material further which means fewer passes are required over the surface.

Thanks to special sound control insulation on this machine, leaf clearing and debris control is possible at any time of the day without fear of disturbing members of clubs or users of open spaces.

In the US, at Horseshoe Bay Resort in Texas, where this machine has been thoroughly tried and tested, director of golf course agronomy Chris Rather says:
"We use this machine for everything from blowing leaves off the pavements to clearing the greens and approaches. We prefer this self-propelled, pull-type model as it is easy to attach and highly manoeuvrable. We just hook up and go."

And make a clean sweep of large areas!

New Recirculating Turbo Vacs from Bernhard and Company are the only ones to feature a special recirculating air system, which minimizes dust and noise while dramatically improving pick-up performance.

Designed for professionals to use on sportsfields and large turf areas, these Turbo Vacs clear up in just one pass. And with added versatility these machines are also ideal for use on artificial turf surfaces, including those with granular rubber infill.

Three models feature in the range: the TV40 and TV60RE, which can be towed by most utility vehicles, and the tractor-mounted TV60RH.

With an eye for detTV40_(BERN).jpgail these models include an edge brush with interlocked nylon bristles that allows easy access for cleaning against fences, pavements and walls. Saving time, there is no debris left behind to be picked up by hand.

Offering dependable performance, all models feature a 25inch diameter abrasion resistant steel blower fan.

Solidly constructed the TV40 model is powered by a 20hp Kohler petrol engine and the four cubic yard hopper can be discharged direct from the operator's seat. This model can also be supplied with an optional eight inch by sixteen-foot remote hose attachment to achieve even finer detail and top presentation standards.

Going to another level, the TV60 models feature a state-of-the-art control valve system, which has a wireless remote unit supplied as standard. Quiet and efficient these Turbo Vacs offer a larger hopper capacity of seven cubic yards. And special safety features include the blower door automatically closing and engine going to idle when the machine is dumping. A choice can be made from the TV60RE 25hp Kohler petrol engine driven model, or the hydraulically driven TV60RH.

Riack Sall, golf course superintendent at the Toscana Country Club in California, says: "Primarily we use our Turbo Vac in the fall when renovating turf and getting ready to over-seed the golf course. After we verticut to thin out the thatch, we use the Turbo Vac to pick up all the debris that's been pulled up. Between the 27-holes, we have about 170acres that we cover each year.

"We have very stringent dust control regulations here in California; but with the recirculating turbo vac system, we don't have to worry about a cloud of dust following us, even if it gets a little dry or windy in the afternoon."

For a demonstration of the New Debris Blowers and Recirculating Turbo Vacs please contact Bernhard and Company tel: 01788 811600 email:

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