Bernhard to showcase TurfBreeze Fans and SubAir system at BTME 2017

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Bernhard and Company is excited to give turf professionals the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of TurfBreeze fans and SubAir aeration and moisture removal systems at BTME 2017, stand B44.

Kevin Crowe, senior vice president of SubAir USA, will also be on the stand to answer questions about these revolutionary products, invented at Augusta National, and recently installed at Wentworth's PGA Championship Golf Course and Wembley Stadium.

SubAir resolves turf issues by focusing on the subsoil environment, providing balanced aeration, moisture and temperature conditions. All essential factors in reducing the risk of disease and promoting long-term healthy growth. Installation of a single SubAir unit takes just one day and does not impact the playing surface.

TurfBreeze focuses on surface aeration and cooling. Fully portable, TurfBreeze is an ideal solution for shaded greens, generating airflow and helping to evaporate areas of excess moisture. The fans also alleviate problems associated with heat stress. Solar heat can have a devastating effect on turf grass. Fan use lowers the surface temperature and in turn the soil temperature.

Bernhard's experienced team will be on stand to explain how efficiently SubAir drains standing surface water, removes non-capillary water from the soil profile and, when required, introduces fresh air directly to the root zone.

Turf technology is at the forefront of the Bernhard philosophy, already established as the world's leading supplier of blade sharpening solutions the company will also be demonstrating the Express Dual 4000 reel grinder and Angle Master 4000 bedknife grinder. Sharp blades are fundamental to turf health, a clean cut causes less stress to the plant and greatly reduces the risk of bacterial and fungicidal infections. To find out more visit the Bernhard team, BTME 2017, stand B44.

To find out more visit the Bernhard team, BTME 2017, stand B4