Bespoke E-Z-GO Electric Light Industrial Vechicle for ZSL London Zoo

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ZSL XI-875 0005.jpgZSL London Zoo has recently purchased an electric E-Z-GO XI-875 light industrial vehicle complete with cab for general duties around the 200 acre site of London's famous attraction in Regent's Park. The vehicle was purchased from the Esher branch of local dealer Ernest Doe & Son.

Grounds Manager, Dave Bassington, who heads a team of 25 cleaning and driving staff said, "This electric powered utility vehicle fits in with the ZSL environmental policy as we move towards a greener cleaning fleet. Not only will it be used for litter collection duties, it will also move clinical waste, stores, stationery and H&S equipment around the facility."

The E-Z-GO XI-875 is powered by a 48 volt electric motor, which is emissions free at the point of use. It features an onboard charger, which simply plugs into a standard electric socket for overnight recharging and an automated battery filling system for ease of maintenance. It also has a safety beacon and emits a permanent audible warning in order that it can used in the vicinity of members of the public who are visiting the zoo.

"ZSL is in the process of ISO14001 accreditation, the international environmental management system," added Dave Bassington. "We are very impressed with the XI-875 and have ordered two more for delivery in January. They will both be flatbed vehicles with drop sides and one will have a dedicated ladder rack."

Ernest Doe & Sons have a longstanding relationship with ZSL having supplied the zoo with Iseki compact tractors for the past seven years.

"We have always received excellent service from Does, so when we were looking for this type of vehicle, they were one of our primary contacts. After evaluating the machine we have taken it on a contract hire basis with a full maintenance package. This gives us known costs over the period of the leasing period," he concluded.

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