BIGGA pledges support for IGCEMA Certificate Programme

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IGCEMALogoThe International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association (IGCEMA) is proud to announce that The British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association (BIGGA) has signed on in full support of the IGCEMA Certificate Programme.

Released globally in May, the programme is part of the IGCEMA's commitment to educating its members around the world. It consists of six core competencies, four of which are currently available, including hydraulic troubleshooting, electrical troubleshooting, internal combustion engines and drivelines, with sprayer troubleshooting and cutting unit technology and set-up soon to be released.

IGCEMA's CEO Stephen Tucker ssaid: "It gives us great pride to know that golf greenkeepers around the world are signing on in support of our programme. As an International association, we have a responsibility to our members to make our programmes available to everyone. While sometimes this presents a challenge, it's one that has to be met. Having the support of BIGGA shows that greenkeepers are in support of what we are doing and realize the importance of industry support. The support of BIGGA in this way will give the program much credibility. It's when we all support each others programmes that we can accomplish so much more. BIGGA has been with us from the very start and we appreciate their willingness to support what we stand for."

BIGGA's CEO, Jim Croxton added: "BIGGA is committed to recognising excellence and giving recognition to those that strive for it, so we are delighted to support the IGCEMA Certification Programme and appreciate the benefits that come from a close working relationship between our two bodies. Top quality greenkeeping is only possible if the machines used to do the job are maintained and repaired to the highest possible standard, and the work that the IGCEMA does to raise the bar in this regard is to be applauded."

BIGGA has not only signed on in support of the IGCEMA programme, but it has pledged to become a proctor and to assist with promotion of the programme in the UK and across Europe by accrediting it for its CPD scheme.

The IGCEMA's President, Patrick Callaby, Workshop Manager at The Celtic Manor Resort said: "I am so pleased that BIGGA, under the leadership of its newly appointed CEO, Jim Croxton, is supporting the Certificate Programme. We have been greatly supported by BIGGA since our inception in 2006, they have given us every assistance possible. This further demonstrates their commitment to education in the turf industry".

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