Biodegradable Pegs

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Newly-introduced by Turfmech is the EcoPeg, a fully-biodegradable stake suitable for securing turf, netting, plant supports, erosion control blanket, protective covers and a host of other materials on flat ground or slopes. Manufactured from degradable plant resin, the EcoPeg measures 125mm (5in) long, enabling it to be hammered well into the ground to provide a substantial anchor against movement or slippage caused by wind or water. The fact that the EcoPeg is made from resin means that it can be used safely in maintained areas where a metal spike could cause expensive damage to a mower's blades.

Ideal for use on golf courses, highway and river embankments, sports grounds and civil engineering projects and for land reclamation, soil stabilisation, turf establishment and commercial horticulture, EcoPeg takes between 12 and 15 months to break-down, ultimately disappearing completely into the soil.

EcoPeg stakes cost £63.22 for a box of 500.

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