Bishopswood Golf Course forced to close for day as vandals run amok

Dan Whitewayin Golf

'Gutted' golf course bosses were forced to close the course for the day after vandals went on a spree at the site.

Bishopswood Golf Course, in Tadley, had to be closed today after, overnight, vandals caused extensive damage to the course's greens.

Rakes and flags were used to cause the damage before they were either broken or thrown into the water hazards at the course.

General manager at the course Kevin Pickett said: "We have greenkeepers here who work hard and give a lot of dedication and then they come into work to see this, it is just gutting for them and for everyone. It is just malicious vandalism."

"We have had to close for the day which means there are loss of earnings for us, but it is more the time it takes to repair all of the damage. It has happened before with damage done to the course, but this is a bit more."

Police say the damage was believed to have been done from between 7.30pm on Wednesday and 7.15am today though the golf course staff believe it was more likely to have happened yesterday evening.

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