BLEC, BLEC and more BLEC makes up the fleet for Talbot Farm Landscapes!

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Equipped with a fleet of BLEC machinery, Talbot Farm Landscapes and Talbot Sports Turf can tackle landscape and groundcare projects of all shapes and sizes. With the latest count standing at 21 machines from across the BLEC portfolio, Director Sean Goodwin relies on the versatility and efficiency the range offers when it comes to groundworks and surface preparation.

Talbot's new BLEC Multi-Seeder 2100, the first purchased through Charterhouse Turf Machinery

Established for over 30 years and with a team of over 40 operatives, Talbot take on commercial landscape projects and sports turf contracting throughout the UK and Europe. They have worked at every national stadium in the UK, and proudly installed the turf at the London Olympic Stadium following the opening ceremony. "With a lot of our projects there is no margin for error, and that's where trust and a thorough understanding of our equipment comes in" explains Sean. "I know with such a range of BLEC equipment at my disposal, that no matter the type of surface we're dealing with, that we have the equipment we need to complete the job efficiently."

In addition to four Cultipack Seeders, Talbot's has a Disc Seeder; Turfmaker; five Blecavators of varying widths; three Power Box Rakes; two Rotor Rakes; a 2.5m Laser Grader and two Multi-Seeders. "The beauty of the BLEC machines is that they show a real understanding of what the commercial landscaper and sports turf contractor requires, demonstrated by their versatility. While the Blecavator is technically a stone burier it does so much more than that - you can move material off the surface and prepare an ideal seed bed, all with one machine."

"The Cultipack Seeder is another multi-functional tool that does more than just deliver seed into the ground. The front notched rollers aid in the preparation of surfaces and as a compact, pedestrian unit we can easily manoeuvre this into restricted access sites. To achieve optimal results, we can use the Cultipack in conjunction with other seeders, such as the Turfmaker, on larger scale projects."

The most recent addition for Sean was a Multi-Seeder 2100, the first machine purchased via Charterhouse Turf Machinery. "The BLEC build quality has always impressed me but under the guidance of Redexim it is now even better - well engineered and attention paid to every detail. With the resources available to Redexim, the manufacturing prowess and the ability to stock a wider range of parts through their dealer network, they will be able to take BLEC to the next level."

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