BLEC disc seeder added to Bancroft Amenities fleet

Mike Beardallin Machinery & Mechanics

The BLEC heavy duty disc seeder added to Bancroft Amenities fleet
BLEC Global has delivered a heavy duty disc seeder to Bancroft Amenities, the leading sports surface and golf course contractor based in Manchester.

The 2.2metre seeder is the eighth BLEC machine in the Bancroft fleet, recently used on a project at the Old Trafford cricket ground.

"We are delighted with the performance of the seeder," said Stuart Thompson of Bancroft Amenities. "All the BLEC machines are reliable, well designed and well manufactured."

As well as the popular BLEC disc seeder, Bancroft also have 2.5metre and 1.8metre Blecavators, a Turfmaker Seeder, a 2.4m laser grader, a 1.5metre compact laser grader, a power box rake and a 2metre BLEC Groundbreaker.

"We are de

Gary Mumby, md of BLEC Global
lighted that Stuart and his team are so impressed by our machines," says Gary Mumby, managing director of BLEC Global.

Gary recently delivered three machines to Denmark - a heavy duty Turfmaker Seeder TM8 and a Power Box Rake PBR240 to leading turf grower and golf club owner Jeppe Hansen in Volstrup, northern Jutland, and a BLEC Multiseeder to Korsor Stadium near Copenhagen.

Danish dealer Sonderup has been appointed a BLEC distributor, adding to the growing network in Northern Europe.

Details: 01778 346222